integrated voip solutions

Cut costs & boost productivity with a Cloud Phone System

Ultimate flexibility

Choose Windows or Mac software phone, Physical Handset or Mobile App – or use all three – all with the same extension number.

This seamless connectivity to your office phone system keeps your team connected wherever they might be.

Desktop app

mobile app

lower costs, more features

Whether you choose an inclusive minutes package or pay-as-you go billing, we guarantee your costs will be significantly lower than a traditional phone system.

VOIP  - what is it anyway?

(Voice Over Internet Protocol) is how most of the worlds voice calls are made. Voice signals are sent within packets transmitted over the Internet, rather than analogue voice signals being sent over copper wires.

Most business VOIP systems are either hosted in a datacentre (Cloud VOIP or Hosted VOIP) or they’re on-premises systems the operate within a company’s offices.

Hosted VOIP is by far the easiest to deploy and the most flexible option.


All the options

Make and take calls from your PC, desk phone or smartphone app, no matter where you are in the world



Ability to integrate with popular CRMs and into the ever popular Microsoft Teams to streamline the way you work. You can even bring your CCTV camera views into the app.


Simple Licensing

Simple per user, per month licencing from as little as £8 per user keeps your costs clear and easy to understand. Scale up/down whenever you want