We are your IT Department

"Everything you’d ask of an internal IT department is our responsibility"

Maximise productivity

It’s our job to ensure your team get maximum productivity from your IT tools.

Our support agreements are user-centric: We look after each user with all of their tools – however many laptops, smartphones, and applications they use.

Seamless setup

Setting up New Starters, correctly handling Leavers…these functions are critically important to the smooth and secure operation of your organisation.

We use a resilient, online-forms based workflow to capture the correct user details and application requirements to make sure every New Starter has what they need to hit the ground running.
As their needs and access permissions change, we use the same online form system to ensure this is accurately handled and security and accountability is maintained.

When someone is moving on, our robust forms ensure that your critical business information and systems are properly protected and personal information is appropriately dealt with.

Holistic Support

Whether you use Public Cloud services such as Office 365, or local servers on your premises – we handle all management and support.
If there’s a proprietary system we don’t know, we work directly with the vendor so that you don’t have to.
All support queries are tracked on our ticketing system, so the status of any task is always visible.

Hardware Deployment

From the CEO’s home office setup to the control suite in a laboratory cleanroom, our team has the experience, tools and knowhow to get your solution deployed smoothly and on budget.

Strategic Consultancy

During our time supporting your IT, we gain valuable insight into your use of technology. Coupled with our experience supporting many other organisations  – this fresh and external view can be extremely useful in evolving and developing your IT.

All full support customers have access to this consultancy, it’s part of the service and why our support relationships are long and successful.

Why outsource my IT Support?

This began in the 1990’s – it made sense then, and it makes even more sense now.

Today’s organisations are highly digital, with myriad IT systems used to power sales, inventory, marketing, logistics – literally every element of an organisation is supported by technology. This means an in-house IT team has a huge array of technologies to design, deploy, secure, and maintain.

Smaller organisations typically have smaller IT teams – with outsourcing, you get a much larger team of specialists handling each technology area.

Yesterday’s “IT Guy” simply cannot be Cyber Security Expert, Master of Office 365, or Virtualization Superhero, etc. – all at the same time.


Creative Thinkers

We're passionate about finding the best solutions to your needs - this requires deep knowledge, experience and creativity



Successful IT is as much about people as it is technology. Helping humans get the most from their tools is the essence of what we do.



Every organisation is different. Whilst we use standardised processes and tools, we're set up to customise them around your needs.

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