Cyber Security

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Almost 50% of UK businesses reported a cyber-incident in 2021. Prioritising your cyber security is more vital than ever. It’s difficult to understand the threats are and how to protect against them. It’s our job to help you identify and resolve the vulnerabilities that are present across your IT systems, and within your teams. Contact us today to start protecting your business.

Cyber Essentials

It’s a framework that businesses can use to develop and maintain their protection against cyber threats.

There are two versions, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Essentials provides 5 basic controls that every small business can use, and this will statistically prevent about 80% of attacks:

1) Firewalls
2) Software Patching
3) Anti-Malware
4) Access Controls
5) Secure Configuration

The Essentials certification process is a simple self-certification process.
Becoming compliant requires that each of the above 5 controls has been fully satisfied – that’s where Maxnett comes in.
We’ll can help you achieve each step through an orderly, manageable project that won’t break the bank.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus still has the Cyber Essentials trademark simplicity of approach, and the protections you need to put in place are the same, but for Cyber Essentials Plus a hands-on technical verification is carried out by one of our partners.

To complete Plus, you will need to have completed your Essentials certification. Your Plus certification must begin within 3 months of your Essentials certification date.

Contact us today to find out more.

Strong Authentication (everywhere)

No, that doesn’t just mean long gibberish passwords.

It means at the very least, your people are authenticated by two separate ‘factors’ – this means when they login, they must have at least two unique things to prove they’re not one of the bad guys.
Typically this is a password, plus one other unique element such as a dynamic code sent to their smartphone, or something like a smartcard or a code from a token-generator keyfob.
We’re already used to such systems for online banking – it can be deployed across most of your existing critical systems.

It’s often called Multifactor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

If you know your business has systems that only require a password…then you know your IT Security isn’t quite up to snuff.

Get in touch with us today, one of our experts will be happy to guide you towards a risk-balanced, affordable new approach to securing your business.

Native integration with Office 365 reduces the investment otherwise required to integrate with other external solutions. Built-in security helps retain user productivity and a smooth user experience.
    • Automatically checks all email attachments for malicious content
    • Provides time-of-click verification of URLs within email messages and Office files
    • Identifies and blocks malicious files in team sites and document libraries, such as SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams
    • Anti-phishing protection detects attempts to impersonate your users and domains using machine learning and advanced algorithms
    • Threat Explorer is a real-time report that allows you to identify and analyse recent threats.
    • Attack Simulator allows you to run realistic attack scenarios in your organization to identify vulnerabilities, such as spear-phishing attacks and password-spray attacks
    • Automated Incident Response (AIR) capabilities include a set of security playbooks that can be launched automatically, saving security operations teams time and effort
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is available at two levels:
Plan 1
Includes Safe Attachments for SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Anti-phishing in defender for Office 365 protection, Real-time detections.
All of the capabilities of Plan 1 plus Threat Trackers, Threat Explorer, Automated Investigation and response, Attack Simulator, Campaign Views.

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